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The Reproaches

During the Good Friday liturgy there is a time when all those present are invited to approach the altar and reverence the crucifix with a kiss, touch or genuflection. It can be an emotional part of the liturgy as the faithful are brought to the foot of the cross and feel the sorrow of Good Friday.
To highlight the mournful atmosphere, the Church provides an optional hymn that can be sung during the adoration of the Holy Cross. It is traditionally called the “Reproaches” (
Improperia in Latin) and presents Jesus’ sorrow on the cross.
The verses, some of which are drawn partly from the words of Old Testament prophets, call to mind the many events in salvation history when God saved his chosen people and questioned them, asking why they had turned away from him. It calls to mind the reality that our sins are the cause of Jesus’ crucifixion.

The Reproaches - Vincent Lockhart